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Why Caring Transitions?

 September 2017

Why Caring Transitions?
Watch the video above to learn why a CRTS certification makes us a trustworthy choice.
Why does CRTS Matter
Each Caring Transitions owner has earned the Certified Relocation Transitions Specialist (CRTS) designation which includes a standardized Code of Conduct, Ethics and Professional Practices that are necessary when working with seniors. Employees are held to the highest standards and maintain ongoing education requirements.

This certification is a seal of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. 

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5 Quick Tips

  • Donate or recycle old magazines.
  • Get rid of clothes you haven't worn in 2 years.
  • Sell your old electronics.
  • Designate a basket or bin for mail.
  • Clean out your purse or wallet.
From the Archives
Is clutter really all that dangerous?
In an article featured in, Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions, said this:

“Some of the more obvious dangers are the risks for personal injury, such as trips and falls... Those with cluttered homes frequently pay to replace household items because they are more vulnerable to being crushed, broken, or lost,” says Seman. “Structural damage can also occur due to vents being blocked, obstructing airflow, causing moisture, and creating costly damage from mold.”
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