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December 2017 Newsletter

 December 2017
The holiday season is about spending quality time with the ones we love. Quite often this simple fact is buried by finding the perfect gift, cooking the most delicious dish, or hosting a memorable gathering. If you're ready to enjoy the season without the added weight of holiday stress, watch the video and read our 5 tips.
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Active seniors are living healthier longer lives. Not sure what the active senior in your life wants for the holidays? Read the Christmas gift guide for seniors on the move from creative to thrill seeking.
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The beauty of technology is the way it advances in ease of use year over year. Many people believe there are limited tech gift options for seniors. We want to encourage you to change the way you think of both seniors and technology. We have a few great device recommendations to keep the tech savvy seniors in your life on trend.
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A featured article by guest blogger Beverly Nelson, creator of Stand Up For Caregivers , for Caring Transitions®

From the people who take care of and teach our children to the caregivers who watch over our elderly loved ones, life without them would not only be more challenging, but often, less fulfilling. If you're looking for ways to show your appreciation for a caregiver who is often the glue in your life, here are a few gifts, both practical and thoughtful, that they will truly enjoy.
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